Exquisite bronze Hand holding a paint brush.

Stainless Steel balloon floating above a granite plinth.

This stunning sculpture measures 46cm x 22cm and weight 25kg.

Hand polishes to a mirror finish, the stainless steel reflects everything in it’s surroundings.

Artisan craftsmanship married to perfect aesthetics.

Long story short about the sculpture, as I grew up in Asia and did not visit Europe until I was about eight, the first European art I saw Salvador Dali. I was totally memorised by his work especially the piece where the guy climbs out of the egg. I dreamed every day that was me climbing out of the egg ! I was sent to boarding school in England where I was really bullied, for my O-level art work I had painted a picture trying to climb back into an egg. When I bought the studio and gallery in Vence France , I felt the same bullying and hate from fellow French artists, this time powered by the Internet  they really resented me owning , being British , the best location in Vence. An Italian sculpture friend turned up with a 5 foot by 3 foot four foot piece of amazing carrera marble, he said I can’t see anything in this piece I need to help it escape from can you ? I said yes I need to climb back inside ! So the original was done life size in marble, then I sculpted a smaller size, which you have, it has an egg shell finish, giving it a positive feel that it could hatch and grow!”